Which Is The Most Accurate Sports Betting Software? Bullet Proof Bets Review

Do you wish to know which is the most accurate sports betting software? The owners of the new Bullet Proof Bets software has claimed that they’ve made the best arbitrage betting tool, but is this just another overhyped scam? This is the first ever arbitrage betting software ever created that’s fully automated.

1. What Does The Bullet Proof Bets Software Do For You?

It generates profit for its user by taking up 2 positions with different bookmakers or betting in a sports betting exchange. This situation is known as arbitrage betting which is an almost risk free form of betting. This creates a situation whereby the user makes money regardless of the outcome of the betting event due to the differences in odds being offered by the different bookmakers.

2. Review of the Arbitrage Algorithm behind Bullet Proof Bets Bot

Let’s go on with this content page. This software has been programmed to be able to integrate with bookmakers’ data and keep track of the different odds being offered at all times. The software will know instantaneously when such opportunities show up and allow the user to take advantage by placing arbitrage bets. These arbitrage bets make profits 100% of the time, but may not necessarily be the same amount of profit regardless of the outcome.

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Some outcomes can produce more profit than others, but the idea is to create these situations whereby you’re essentially placing no risk bets. Another feature is that it works on autopilot and can find these arbitrage opportunities on its own with very little human manual input.

3. What Can You Expect to Do with the Bullet Proof Bets Software?

Every bet that you place is calculated to generate about one to 2 percent profits on your capital, and it has been known to find about 50+ selections in a day in highly volatile betting markets.

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They’re many types of betting odds out there which will vary depending on where you live or the type of sportsbook/bookmaker you choose to place your bet with. Also, keep in mind that some of the odds mentioned are only used for football/soccer betting. You may want to expand on your question so people can better answer it. Here is a list of different types of odds most bookmakers use. Keep in mind that I’m just stating general examples because otherwise Id have to write several pages worth to describe and explain each odds in details. American Style which is based on a one hundred dollars bet where -110 means that you’re charged ten dollars for a one hundred dollars bet. So you would risk 110 dollars to win 100. Decimal Odds which is preferred in Europe, Canada, and Australia. Using the American Odds, a -110 line would approximately equal 1.909 in Decimal odds. Decimal odds is basically the amount someone would win plus 1. So if someone was to risk one hundred dollars on a match with odds as 1.909 the user would win 90.90 Percentage Odds is fairly simple, it just lists the odds of winning the bet in percentage. So the equivalent of a -110 line would be 52.38%. Where you take one hundred and divide it by the sum of of the America Money line and one hundred if the money line is a negative. If the money line is positive then you just take one hundred and divide it by the sum of the money line minus 100. Malaysian Odds are very similar to the decimal odds except that you don’t add a one to the equation the odds meaning that yo uwill get a negative and a positve odds depending on weather the team is the underdog. Hong Kong Odds are similar to malaysian odds except that there is no negative numbers because you add one hundred in the calculation while in the malaysian odds you subtract one hundred to the equation.

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