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DIY Sports Betting has now made available a specialty betting system for the National Football League. The system comes as a PDF file that’s readable on any computer.

It’s based on situational point spreads, which are presented in the form of easy to read charts that show the percentage of wins you can expect by betting the chosen spread. There is no progressive betting scheme or other trickery recommended. Just find the number on a chart and bet it. Every number provides an edge of fifty-three percent or greater so you always have an edge.

I highly recommend you examine this article cautiously, the challenge and the solutions have a lot of differences. Also included is the Motivation Factor Chart. It’s unique and very effective at its purpose. It stops you from placing bets on teams that aren’t highly motivated by the circumstances of the game. That will compliment the point spread charts and further increase your winning percentage. It can also be used by itself as a handicapping tool for games that aren’t already on the charts by the spread. Any winning bettor will tell you the key is in finding motivated teams and this is the first and only tool I’ve ever seen dedicated to that purpose.

The NFL point spread charts and the Motivation Factor Chart are included in separate PDF files so they can be printed. That makes them much easier to work with and gives you simple one click printing.

If you’re looking for a simple but effective NFL Betting System, DIY Sports Betting has put together a good package at a very reasonable price the average bettor should be able to afford.

See it for yourself Betting System from DIY Sports Betting



Three people win a NFL bet. Betting commissioner to pay 9K, County Sheriff awards money to commissioners ex-wife? A betting commissioner of an office football betting pool accepts bets, held the stakes, issued receipts, and charged 5% for his services. For some bets he would cover the amount by making off-setting bets with other betters. If there weren’t enough off-setting betters, he would cover this risk with his own money. 3 people bet on the NFL Super Bowl and won 3,000. Commissioner had to cover these winnings with 9,000 of his own money. Prior to paying out this amount County Sheriff attached the entire amount to satisfy a delinquent child support payment against betting commissioner. The 3 winning bettors sue the ex-spouse for the 9,000. Who will prevail?


Eddie Getz just gave NFL bettors a blog that will no doubt improve their overall chance of success. He explains in detail how the NFL has changed in recent years and why because of this parity, a window of opportunity exists. Underdogs (not bad teams) can have a significant advantage in certain situations. The author then presents a method for capturing this advantage. Yes, he does mention the Martingale Strategy (I knew about it but not what it was called and the nuances of the strategy), but his blog provides great examples of why it’ll not work at games like roulette and why it needs some modifications for the Underdog Theorem. Even if you don’t employ the strategy suggested, it’s still a great blog on its own in the examination of NFL betting. Think of it as a common sense guide to NFL betting. It’ll not make you a millionaire, nor does it claim to; instead use it to have fun and to be more informed when you walk into the sports betting lounge in Vegas or wager with your friends at work. I learned many good ideas from Getz’s blog. Some I may have known intuitively but just needed them explained, others are quite innovative. I can’t wait to try out “The Underdog Theorem” this season. If you bet on NFL games this blog is a must read! Sam Hendricks, author of Fantasy


The 5% makes it illegal….ex-spouse wins…..the betting commissioner, if sued will lose and owe 6,000.oo….on further review, this is a legal quagmire because the money didn't belong to the betting commissioner so the county has to give it back to the sheriffs department, no criminal charges because the sheriff blew the evidence chain of command, even if it can be recovered………….


Historic NFL Betting Line Movements? I’m looking for data on the internet that would have the following information: NFL 2003, week 12, steelers vs seahawks, opening line=steelers -4, ending line=steelers-5.5 [then the same information for all other games of week 12] [then the same information for all other weeks of 2003] [then the same information for all other years (mainly 2002-2005)] Does anyone know where I could find data like this or if it even exists on the internet? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!


Online NFL Betting Lockout Threatens NFL Season. The lockout is well over fourty days old, and if it’s not rectified soon then it could wipe out the 2011 season.


Not sure. Why not use an internet search engine to try and find this information?


NFL Betting Lines, NFL Odds and NFL Betting News at BSN Sports. Twelve hours ago 2011 Betting Season Thankfully, the regular season is just about a month away. Most drafted rookies are in camp, free agents are


I'd try or Both sites offer lots of free information.


Your bet stands at the spread when you placed the bet.

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