DIY Sports Betting System Review

DIY Sports Betting is a set of PDF ebooks available on the internet. It was written by Sam Oconnel who’s a recreational bettor on a 5 year winning streak using the information it provides.

It comes with a complete system for the NFL, which is based on point spreads and past performance of certain spread situations. It also has some other useful charts including one for comparing the motivation of the teams playing. On its own this system is very good. After four weeks of the 2010 season it has won at 58.3 percent with a 7-5 record in my testing.

This is often really important section of this subject matter. It also comes with a similar system for the NBA, also based on spreads. It should produce similar results to those of the NFL system and is comparable in terms of ease of use. Both systems have all of the charts in easy to print files. No wasted time or paper and organization is a breeze.

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The main book deals mainly with using the charts in the NFL and NBA betting systems, but it also explains how to build systems for other sports. It all comes down to finding motivated teams in good situations.

It also goes into money management, which is essential to winning. Some of the advice there is a little extreme from an accounting standpoint, but the basic premise is sound. Always bet the same amount on every game, in every sport. No progressive betting, ever.

All in all, DIY Sports Betting is one of the least expensive systems you’ll find and at the same time is one of the best. It’s user friendly, works, and saves a lot of times finding games to bet on.

See it for yourself. DIY Sports Betting

The NFL Betting System is available separately at the link below. The best sports betting investment you’ll ever make.



Does this sport betting system work? Okay guys so here's the story.. My friend has been using this sport betting system for about four months and he's been winning on about 80% of all of his bets… I'm still a little skeptical and i think he could just be lucky but i'm really not sure.. But anyways here's the system has anyone tried it?


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Once I saw this question I really felt the need to jump on this topic. This system truly does work, at first i was a skeptic as are you, but I decided to put a little investment into it and believe me, the outcome was well worth it. I highly, highly suggest you give it a try. It's an amazing guide and it can really help to bring in a little *cough*(a lot)*cough* of extra money to pay the bills. Best Regards, Mark


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It would work…if the casino didn’t have table limits. Unfortunately, the casinos have thought about this system (known as the Martingale) when they instituted table minimum and maximum limits. Most casinos will only allow you to double your wager 5-7 times with limits like 50-1000 You bet and lose the following hands 50-100-200-400-800 See here you can only lose four hands before the table limits get you in a pickle!


Nope, they won't ban you. They'll enjoy taking all your money too much to ban you. You'll fallen exactly into the trap they've laid out for you. Playing for play money isn't the same as playing for real money and many casinos will tilt the odds a bit in the players favor on their play money games. The suckers see how easy it’s to win money and decide to deposit and play for real only to find out that it's much harder to win real money. You just need to remember that all casino games have a house edge factored in. That's how the casinos make their millions. In the long run no betting system can overcome that house edge. If you don't believe me, then post the system that you want to try and the game you're playing and let some of the experts here comment on it. I'm sure they can point out the flaws in it.


I agree with what has been said, I really don't think you’ll find any table with the limits you would have to play with the Martingale system and you loose the oportunity to double down or split (which is a great tool in your continual mathimatical battle with the house). Learn to play solid black jack and, and if really interested, learn to count (counting only gives y ou a very slight extra edge, and it’s a long term edge) that’s where you can vary your bets a little.Believe me, there ain't no sure fire way to beat the house, (shy of cheating) if there was, you would no longer see blackjack spread. Good luck.

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